Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – FAQ

To obtain a qualification normally, you would have to attend a classroom training for weeks or even months.  But what if you could do things the other way round…You have skills but not the qualification?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) enables you to have these skills recognised and to attain a formal qualification: you will get the same qualification as people who’ve trained for months in the classroom.

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What is RPL?

RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning. It is a way for you to use your current or past  work experience and your skills to get a recognised qualification that will improve your job opportunities, boost your CV and could help your career to take off. All without having to go back to school!

RPL addresses the imbalance between people who have a ‘formal qualification’ and those who have experience: both are equally good at what they do. RPL enables people who have these skills, to get the qualification.

You may have learned skills from work, from previous informal courses or through volunteering: you’ve been developing skills all your life and, if you can provide evidence of them, then you’re well on the way to getting a qualification.

In support of this, NACTS encourages you to catalogue your skills and experiences which will then be assessed. We will consider your experiences and look at your prior learning and, if you have completed all of the requirements, we will award you a formal qualification. If you’ve completed some of the requirements, then we will perform a ‘skills-gap analysis’, work out what you need to do, and will give you an opportunity to complete the rest of the course.

Why do other RTO make RPL so Hard?

They also found that assessors need to be confident and capable of making sound professional judgements and noted this as a critical factor in the assessment of RPL.

Is the RPL Qualification the same as the one my friend studied at TAFE ?

The Department of Education and Training has contributed greatly to the uptake of RPL over the years. Their position is that for RPL, no difference is assigned to informal or non-formal learning. Every learning source and experience is accepted as contributing to the accumulation of skills.

Am I Eligible?

It doesn’t matter when or where you developed your prior learning: you could have developed a skill several years ago and not used it recently, or you may have been working part-time and built up a skill over a number of years. All skills and experiences are valid – providing you can gather sufficient evidence of them, and they meet the learning outcomes and assessment criteria of the qualification for which you are seeking to be recognised. If you think that you’ve got relevant skills and experience, then Email or call NACTS to  find out which courses you may be suitable to consider.