TAA – TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

TAE40110 is the new Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. The qualification is detailed in the TAE10 Training and Education Training Package, which was endorsed by National Quality Council (NQC) of Australia on the 12th May 2010. It replaced the previous Training and Assessment Training Package (TAA04). TAE10 was developed (in collaboration with industry) by “Innovation and Business Skills Australia” (IBSA), a National Industry Skills Council.

NACTS offers TAE10 Upgrade to the new TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment for current holders of the existing TAA40104 qualification. 

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TAA - TAE40110 Upgrade

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What is the difference between TAA04 and TAE10?

This version of the Training Package represents an evolution much like that which occurred with the move from BSZ98 to TAA04. The package now represents a framework of qualifications catering for those who operate across the breadth of the professional levels of VET.

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment has been reviewed and contains changes that reflect improvements as a consequence of the extensive delivery over the past 6 years, consideration of current best practice, and editing of content intended to place the units into an appropriate context. The new course will move from 14 units (12 Core and 2 Elective) to 10 units made up of 7 core and 3 electives. In fact there is a collapsing of 4 units into 2 and an integration of 3 existing units into the 7 new core units. Therefore, the TAE40110 content and competency requirements are deemed equivalent to the present TAA40104 qualification.

This qualification is completed under partnership arrangements with MVT Management Institute of Australia National Provider #32392