Language, Literacy and Numeracy

This Online Language, Literacy and Numeracy Indicator Tool has been developed to evaluate your skills in:

  • Reading,
  • Writing,
  • Learning,
  • Oral Communication, and
  • Numeracy.

These are the 5 core skills that make up the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). These skills have been identified as the basic skills that a person needs in the community, classroom and workplace.

The test should take less than 30 minutes. Please make sure your computer has the sound turned up before you start as some questions use voice and audio recordings. We recommend that you complete the online test with your trainer, or at a training organisation so that you can ask for help if you are having trouble answering the questions.

Results are displayed as a graph that indicates your level at each of these 5 core skills on a rating of 0 to 3, based on how you answered the questions. These results can be useful for trainers to address certain skills during your training to better prepare you for the workplace. These results are an indication only and should form part of a broader LLN assessment process.

Please note: This test does not work in tablets or mobile devices and must be used on a desktop or laptop computer. Do not use Safari as it is not compatible.

To begin please clink the following link LLN indicator please ensure you send a copy of the LLN results to your trainer.